Vultr Review – Is it a Good VPS Hosting?

Vultr is a provider of cloud hosting and VPS servers. On its platform, you can develop a cloud computing from $ 2.5 per month.



  • Excellent pricing
  • One-Click App prices to install WordPress
  • More than 16 locations
  • High-performance servers


  • Customer service works through tickets

Vultr Review: Pricing

vultr pricing

At Vultr, you can develop a cloud computing from $ 2.5. Yes, you read that right, only $ 2.5 per month.

You can start with a $ 2.5 or $ 5 server, and then upload the server at any time. So it is very accessible for entrepreneurs and developers.

The cost of the server is updated per hour. This means that they stop charging you the server once you destroy the server. For example, if you install a $ 10 server per month ($ 0.015 / h) and want to use it for 10 hours, you will be charged $ 0.15 (0.015 * 10).

This is an incredible advantage since if at any time during the installation of the server it went wrong, you can destroy it and make a new one.

Vultr prices are the most competitive in the market and offer excellent performance. For each server, you can observe the Greekbench score, which is an excellent parameter to measure the processor.

One-Click Apps

one click app

If you are not a web developer or programmer or don’t have much knowledge of Ubuntu, NGINX, Apache, etc., this function will be great for you.

One-Click Apps are auto-installable applications for anyone to install. Yes, you read that right, anyone!

With just one click, you can install WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, or cPanel. It is a function that Vultr recently added, to facilitate the installations.

Therefore, you can have all the benefits of a virtual machine, but without having so much developer knowledge.

Datacenter locations

Vultr has servers in 16 different locations, so you can choose the one that best suits your different needs.

The general rule to choose the server location is to pick the one that is closest to your customers. For example, if your target audience is in Australia, you should choose the Sydney server.

In all locations, you have high-performance VPS.

Datacenters available:

TorontoMiamiNew JerseyChicago
DallasSeattleLos Angeles Atlanta
Sillicon ValleyAmsterdamLondonFrankfurt

Dedicated Cloud Instances

If you require more powerful cloud servers, Vultr offers “Dedicated Cloud Instances.”

These are dedicated servers, especially for you, with your own CPU, SSD Drive, and RAM.

This is an excellent option for web pages or applications that receive a high amount of traffic.

The prices of these dedicated servers range from $ 60 / month to $ 240 / month.

So if you require a cloud server with high performance and processing, these are indicated for you.

Is a Good Hosting for WordPress?

In general, hostings that offer WordPress, offer shared hostings. This means that they host many users within an IP.

This is not very beneficial for your website, as it slows it down, and the user experience decreases.

With Vultr, you can have the full potential of a virtual machine in the cloud to make your site run faster.

Forget about shared accommodations and slow speeds.

Besides, with the “One-Click App” function, you can install WordPress very easily without knowledge of web development.

Support Quality

Attention in Vultr works through tickets. If you have any problem, you can send a ticket, and they will respond in 24 hours.

Usually, the answers are thorough instructions so that you can solve the problem. Since Vultr’s proposal is to offer the server so you can install it, but it doesn’t provide personalized support to each server.

Beyond that, your attention is adequate and offers the information to maintain the server.

Vultr Review: About the company

Vultr is a company founded in 2014. Since then, it has grown exponentially, so much so that today there are more than 25 million Vultr instances on its platform.

Its mission is to boost business, entrepreneurship, and developers through its advanced cloud platform.

It currently has 16 data centers worldwide. Its platform makes it easy for you to deploy a server in the cloud at any of these locations.

Vultr Review: Good VPS Hosting?

Vultr is an excellent VPS hosting so you can host your website or application. Its advanced platform allows you to create a virtual computer in any of its 16 locations.

Also, with its “One-Click App”, you can install WordPress, Magneto, cPanel, or more applications, with just one click.

So we can finally say that Vultr is a great option to install your website.


If you don’t have a Vultr account yet, you can create one now and receive a $ 100 bonus to start installing your website or application.

How to Install WordPress on Vultr in 5 Minutes

If you want to install WordPress on Vultr, you can follow our tutorial that explains how to do it in less than 5 minutes.

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