Siteground Hosting Review: 12 Facts to Know About Siteground

Siteground is a leading web hosting provider. Their service specializes in providing the greatest security and support to host a WordPress site. Currently, more than 2,000,000 domains rely on the Siteground platform.

siteground hosting review


  • Excellent pricing for startups
  • Speed ​​optimized for WordPress (SuperCacher)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free WP Migrations
  • Cloudflare Technology
  • Excellent support team
  • Special benefits for students


  • Domains are a bit more expensive compared to the competition.

In this Siteground Hosting review, I will analyze 12 essential points you should know about this company. 2 years ago I have my site hosted on Siteground, so I will comment on the most important points.

1. General Pricing

Siteground plans are ideal for hosting a WordPress-based website. Their plans start at $ 3.95 per month and are accessible to anyone.

siteground hosting pricing
Siteground Hosting Review


The StartUp plan costs $ 3.95 per month, and you can host a website. It has 10GB of space to store all files and an approximate limit of 10,000 monthly visits.

This plan comes with the essential features of WordPress, which are: free installation of WordPress, migration, SSL, Cloudflare, updates, and support.

This is the best plan to start with a website, and if your site begins to require more traffic or you want to make more websites, you can scale to the next plan.


The GrowBig plan costs $ 5.95 per month and is usually the most chosen by users.

This is because you can host an unlimited number of websites. So you can have all the projects in one account and save a few dollars.

This plan has a limit of 20GB of space, which is a lot for websites, and an approximate of 25,000 monthly visits.

This plan has all the essential features of WordPress, like SSL, migrations, email, Cloudflare, etc., plus the premium features. These premium features include SuperCacher, backup on demand, and 1-click WordPress Staging.


This is the most advanced plan to host a WordPress site and costs $ 11.95 per month.

The number of websites you can host is unlimited.

The space limit is 30GB and approximately 100,000 monthly visits.

2. Siteground for WordPress

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WordPress is the leading platform on the internet. In fact, according to the official website, 35% of the website uses WordPress to manage its site.

Installing a WordPress website on your own can be very complicated. That’s why Siteground makes it easy for you to install WordPress in practically 1-click.

With any of the 3 essential plans (StartUp, GrowBig, or GoGeek), you can install WordPress in a few seconds.

SiteGround is the best platform to run a website with WordPress ( recommends this hosting).

Besides, this hosting is optimized so that your website runs much faster.

In the GrowBig and GoGeek plans, it also comes with WordPress Super Cacher, which is a tool for your site to run much faster.

The speed on the website is one of the most important element since it increases the user experience (and sales on your site). It is also an essential factor to rank high in search engines such as Google or Bing.

3. Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificates have become a necessity in recent years.

This is because browsers such as Google Chrome or Edge give importance to this certificate, and if you don’t have it, they will show that your site isn’t secure.

Also, it is a key factor to rank higher in search engines such as Google or Bing.

Many hostings charge the SSL certificate as a separate product. Still, in the case of SiteGround, it offers free SSL for all their plans.

So, you shouldn’t worry about this certificate since your website will be completely secure.

4. Data centers

Siteground data centers are spread across 3 continents.

More specifically, they have data centers in Chicago IL (USA), Council Bluffs IOWA (USA), London (UK), Eemshaven and Amsterdam (NL), and Singapore.

All its data centers are equipped with the highest technology and security systems. They have power generators, UPS technology, and power feeds to ensure an uninterrupted connection.

To choose the right data center, you must select the one that is closest to your target audience. For example, if my consumers are in Europe, I should choose the UK or Netherlands data center.

It is always advisable to choose the one closest to the audience since the website will work much faster.

Also, SiteGround offers CDN Network in more than 194 locations worldwide. Cloudflare technology is used to optimize the speed of your site by uploading files according to the visitor location.

In this way, with CDN technology, you can guarantee that each user will have the best speed experience.

5. Cloud Hosting

Siteground also offers solutions for more demanding websites through cloud hosting.

If your website has more than 100,000 monthly visits, you may need to upgrade to cloud hosting.

These servers in the cloud have a dedicated IP for each virtual machine, and RAM memory, SSD disk, and Cores CPU are assigned.

They handle the server in the cloud, so you don’t need to know any kind of web developer knowledge.

cloud hosting siteground

Cloud hosting plans are:

Entry: This plan costs $ 80 per month and has everything you need to run a website with a lot of traffic. With this hosting, you have 2 CPU Cores, 4 GB of memory, 40GB SSD, and 5TB data transfer.
Business: This plan costs $ 120 per month and is the most recommended version. With this server, you have 3 CPU, 6GB RAM, 60GB SSD, and 5TB data transfer.
Business Plus: $ 160 / month. This is an advanced plan for demanding sites. This plan includes 4 CPU Cores, 8GB RAM, 8GB SSD, and 5TB transfer.
Super Power: This is the most premium plan of all; it costs $ 240 per month and has 8 CPUs, 10GB memory, 120GB SSD, and 5TB transfer.

6. Domain names

siteground domains

Domains on Siteground are sold separately. .Com domains cost $ 15.95 per year, .net and .org cost $ 17.95. It also offers many domain variations.

At this point, it’ a bit more expensive than some domain providers that charge between $ 9 and $ 14.

But you should also keep in mind that the Siteground’s security and support is much higher than that of other providers.

Therefore, I would consider it an excellent investment to have the domain registered with Siteground. Since some domain providers don’t have a very good reputation concerning some practices.

Also, if you register your domain with Siteground, the installation process is much simpler, and you have everything on one platform. On the other hand, if you buy it separately, you have to link it, and it can be a bit more complicated.

7. Special benefits for students/organizations

If you are a student or an organization, Siteground has many benefits for you. You can access the same hosting quality but at a lower cost.

Student Plan: This plan costs only $ 1.99 per month, so it is very accessible. It includes all the features of the regular hosting plan. Besides, it’s very simple to use and has excellent support.
Faculty Partnership: For universities or educational organizations, it has unique benefits. You can contact Siteground and get free hosting for your organization.

Besides, you can also grant free accounts for students to access the course. You can also customize a registration page for your class.

8. Siteground for Joomla / Magneto

Joomla and Magneto are also widely used platforms to create websites. They aren’t as famous as Siteground, but too many people choose to use them.

The plans cost the same as for WordPress, and also offer personalized attention and service.

For both platforms, they offer 1-click installation and the pre-installed interface.

In Joomla, you also have the “SuperCacher” based on Nginx to improve the speed of your site (in GrowBig and GoGeek plans).

9. Hosting for resellers

If you are selling websites, or are a web designer, Siteground also has a solution for you.

With the reseller hosting, you can host an unlimited number of sites. This plan comes out of $11.95 per month and offers 30GB of unmeasured space and traffic.

You can access an unlimited number of websites and email accounts.

Also, they offer 24/7 assistance for this type of account.

You can also provide access to the configuration of the site so that your customers can enter the configuration panel. On the client panel, you will have a “white label”, so that the Siteground mark doesn’t appear. This way, you sell it as your own service.

10. Support: Any good?

The highlight of Siteground is the support they offer to the public.

I personally stayed with Siteground two years ago, and they always solved all the problems (which in fact were very few).

Their support is 24/7, and their staff responds with the best quality of care.

Believe me, there are other hostings that their service really stinks. With Siteground, you will have the best quality support help.

The contact methods are by phone or online chat. So it is straightforward to access the contact.

11. Siteground Hosting Review: About the company

Siteground is a company founded in 2004 in Bulgaria. Currently, Siteground is a company holding registered in the USA, UK, Bulgaria, and Spain.

His team is made up of the most trained professionals in the industry, and they put passion, dedication to their service.

This company currently has more than 500 employees and offers a worldwide service.

Their data centers are in 3 different content to offer the best experience.

12. Siteground Hosting Review: Best Hosting for WordPress?


So, Siteground is a good hosting for WordPress?

Yes, Siteground is the best service to host your website with WordPress. This company provides the best prices for startups and the best service.

The highlight of Siteground is the quality of service as it offers the best technical support and help. You will not find a better service than this.

Besides, hosting your site with Siteground has many benefits such as free SSL, free migrations, Cloudflare, and many more.

On the other hand, domains cost a little more than in other providers. Still, the difference isn’t significant since their service is superior.
Siteground servers offer the best connectivity and uptime of 99.99%. This is our rating for the Siteground hosting review.

So, if you don’t have a Siteground account yet, you can create one now and start with your next project!


What is Siteground?

Siteground is a company that offers web hosting for WordPress and cloud servers. It is one of the leading hosting companies that has been operating since 2004. Currently, more than 2 million domains rely on SiteGround.

How much does Siteground hosting cost?

Siteground has hostings from $ 3.95 per month. However, it has more advanced plans for $ 5.95 and $ 11.95 per month.

Is Siteground reliable?

Siteground is the most reliable hosting service on the internet. Millions of people rely on their service to host their website.


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