Paysera Review: Is It a Reliable Payment Solution?

Paysera is a payment solution for individuals and companies. This Lithuanian company has been offering payment services since 2004.


Paysera has many payment solutions for different purposes. In this review of Paysera, we will analyze the payment services it offers.

Payment gateway for e-Commerce

paysera eshop

Paysera offers a very easy solution to implement for e-Commerce businesses.

With Paysera, you can receive payments on your website through VISA, MasterCard or Maestro credit cards, electronic payments, or through your Paysera account.

You can receive payments from more than 10,000 local and foreign banks. All payments are received in your Paysera account.

Paysera operates in 184 countries and accepts more than 30 currencies. Also, the payment window can be automatically translated into 18 different languages.

All these payments are received in your Paysera account, and then you can send them to your bank account or withdraw the money with the Paysera VISA card.

Its technology offers maximum security to guarantee your customers the best confidence.

The rates to use this service are the lowest in the market. So you will save a lot of euros in commissions.

Here you can see a demo of an e-shop made by Paysera.

Payment solutions for local stores

Also, if you have a local store, you can accept payments through Paysera with its POS system.

This service has no monthly or annual costs, so it is a free service. Only a small commission is charged for each transaction. Commissions range from 0.20% to 0.70% per transaction.

Payments are credited to your Paysera account automatically, and at the same time, your client pays you.

To use this service, you can use the POS system, or simply download the Paysera app to receive payments.

This is one of the best services to automate your payments in your business and start receiving cards in a very simple and cheap way.

Paysera IBAN Account

Paysera Review

IBAN (international bank account number) is a global account number to send and receive money.

The IBAN Paysera account is free and allows you to send/receive money in different currencies worldwide. Each customer is assigned a specific number to use.

Transfers within Europe have no commission for individuals. For companies, it costs only € 0.15. It is really the cheapest option of all.

With this account, you can send and receive money as if it were a real bank in a matter of seconds.

The advantage of this service is that you can send and receive money internationally at more than 30 currencies at the most competitive price.

It also works like an e-wallet, so you can have your money on the Paysera account.

 The commissions of this service are much cheaper than those of the banks. 

Paysera Debit Card

paysera card

The Paysera VISA card is a great solution to buy online or in physical stores with your Paysera balance.

With this card, you can also withdraw money at any ATM. It has a daily limit of 600 EUR for extractions.

The main currency of this card is the EURO, but you can also buy in other currencies.

3D security technology gives you the highest security to buy online. You can ensure the best quality with this card.

Anyone over 16 years old can request this VISA card (and you must have a positive balance in your clear account).

The Paysera VISA card has a monthly cost of EUR 0.45 for the first card. That is, EUR 5.40 per year (it really is very cheap). If it is your second card, the monthly cost is free.

 Ordering the card has a cost of issuing 3 EUR. 

How to order the VISA card?

  1. Log in to your Paysera account
  2. Make sure you have a positive balance in your account
  3. Select Payments Card> Paysera VISA
  4. The card will be sent within the next 25 days to your address
  5. Once they send it, you have to activate it from your account.

Currency exchange

Another function that you can use in your Paysera account is to exchange currencies.

With the Paysera currency calculator, you can compare the ratios of each currency instantly. The prices will always be much better than those of the banks.

The Paysera platform supports 30 different currencies.

It is the best way to save money to exchange currencies without losing the high commissions of the banks.

Ticketing System

With Paysera Tickets, you can create and manage events easily. Whether you want to create a sports event, seminar, or any event, this solution will benefit you.

This service offers to create an event quickly and receive payments from attendees.

With this service, you can offer many means of payment such as credit cards, virtual purses, or bank transfers.

The money is credited instantly that the customer pays the price of the ticket.

Also, you can offer special discounts within the system, to improve and attract more sales.

This service is free, only small fees are applied per transaction.

You also have plugins to integrate the ticket system to your website, such as WordPress, Magneto, or Joomla.

How to create an event?

  1. Login to your Paysera account
  2. Create a Paysera Checkout project
  3. Manage your next event.

Mobile app

paysera app

With the Paysera mobile app, you can easily manage your money like never before.

From the application, you can send and receive payments, manage your cats, make transactions, and much more.

You can also exchange more than 30 currencies within the app.

Another of its functions of the app is to control the VISA card. You can check the balance, block your card, and change payment limits.

You can also manage the PIN of the Paysera card.

Paying with the QR code simplifies many payments as it avoids double payment confirmations.

For companies, it also has benefits such as accessing your balance, payment history, and receiving notifications for outgoing or incoming payments.

Paysera Support

Paysera’s support service is also excellent.

To contact them you can do it by phone, online chat or in some of its branches.

Their level of attention is very satisfactory, and they solve all your doubts or problems.

The centers of attention are mostly in European countries.

About Paysera

Paysera is a company founded in 2004 in Lithuania.

Its mission is to provide payment services at reasonable prices and with the best technology.

It currently has more than 200 employees and has branches throughout Europe.

It serves more than 180 countries and has 400,000 customers worldwide.

Many media outlets highlight the enormous growth of Paysera and its great advantages in electronic payments.

Paysera Review: Final Thoughts

Paysera has a solution for each specific client.

If you are a private individual who wants to send and receive payments or buy online with the debit card, this service will be a great solution.

If you are a company, and you want to accept online payments through credit cards or transfers; or you have a physical store and you want to receive payments with the POS system, this service will work great for you.

All your payments are insured with the best technology to give the customer confidence. All payments are credited instantly in your account.

The commissions are very low, and it has no monthly costs. So, we can conclude with this review of Paysera, which is an excellent payment service.

If you are not registered in Paysera yet, you can create a free account right now!


What is Paysera?

Paysera is a payment platform to send and receive money worldwide. Its system allows transactions to be simple and cheap.

Is Paysera safe?

Yes, Paysera is a secure platform to operate with payments. Paysera is certified by PCI DSS to secure its processes. Also, it has a license as an e-money institution for payments around Europe.

Does Paysera have monthly costs?

No, opening an account in Paysera is completely free. If you don’t log into the account for more than 2 years, a monthly fee will apply.

Paysera Alternatives

  1. Payoneer
  2. ePayments
  3. Paxum
  4. ecoPayz

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