OlympTrade Review: Best Trading Platform?

OlympTrade is a trading platform to invest in crypto, currencies, stocks, commodities, and metals.

It is a great tool designed to gather all investments in the same platform. This facilitates investment in options or forex.

olymptrade review


Minimum deposit$10
Free Demo Account
Free Webinars and Learning
OlympTrade Users247,256+
Easy-to-use Interface
Worldwide TradersYes, except US
Member of
International Financial Commission
Payment / Deposit MethodsE-Wallets, Bank Accounts, Credit Card
Awards6 different awards as "Best Broker"

In this OlympTrade review, you will learn everything you need to know about this company before you start generating money.

About OlympTrade

OlympTrade is a company registered since 2014 to facilitate transparent and lucrative transactions.

This company is not only dedicated to facilitating transactions for merchants but also teaches how to learn to invest. This is done through its specialists and thousands of resources within its platform and blog.

Also, OympTrade is a reliable broker that belongs to the Financial Commission with the category “A”.

This membership in FinaCom gives you credibility and security since they are only granted to honest and safe companies.

They have also won many awards like “Best Financial Broker” at the CPA Life 2017 Awards.

It currently has more than 247,256 users with active transactions, and more than 37 million transactions are made per month on its platform. The current trading volume of the platform is $ 171 million, so you can imagine that it is a giant company.

Types of investments in OlympTrade

In OlympTrade you can basically invest in two types of investments:

  • Options: They are a type of contract in which the trader speculates a prediction about the future price of an asset. In the options you do not acquire the real underlying asset, but make a prediction about the asset. It is considered fixed income because the amount you earn is predetermined, if you lose, you lose only what you invested.
    They are usually short term (5 minutes, 15 minutes). That is, you perform the speculation of an asset from here within 5 minutes.
  • Forex: The word Forex comes from “Foreign Exchange“. Unlike the traditional currency market, Forex speculates on the variation of one currency over another. That is, you do not contract the asset, but you speculate on that asset. In this case they are indefinite and you sell it when you consider that the price of the asset is at its best.

OlympTrade Review: Demo Account


OlympTrade offers a demo account with $10,000, so you can start testing and experience as soon as you sign up.

This is very beneficial for those who have no experience in options or forex. It’s totally virtual money that you can invest freely to try the tools of OlympTrade.

To access this demo account, you just have to register with your email in OlympTrade and confirm the registration. It is a free account, and you don’t have to pay anything.

Once you feel safe to invest, you can deposit real money through their deposit methods.

Deposit Methods

OlympTrade offers different methods so you can deposit money into your bank account. Depending on the country in which you are, the methods of the deposit will vary.

OlympTrade usually offers:

  • VISA / MasterCard cards
  • Electronic payment systems: Skrill, WebMoney, BitCoin, or Neteller.
  • Home Banking: In many countries, it’s associated with different banks to deposit money through home banking.

An important point to clarify is that when you withdraw the money you have generated, you must do it with the same method that you deposited the money.
The payment/deposit options are very varied, so you won’t have any impediments. All operations are encrypted and protected with maximum security.

OlympTrade Education

Another benefit of OlympTrade is that it offers many courses and webinars to learn online trading.

It offers Forex and Options webinars, so you learn everything you need to know about it.

It also provides key strategies and tips to invent.

Benefits of OlympTrade

  • Free demo account to start trading. This tool makes it very easy when entering the world of trading.
  • The minimum deposit is $10.
  • Various payment/deposit methods.
  • Reliable company: it is part of the “Financial Commission” and has received many global awards as a broker.
  • Simplicity to open an account.
  • Doesn’t charge commissions for bank withdrawal.

How to open an account on OlympTrade?

To open an account, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Register at Olymptrade with your email and real data.
  2. Verify the email entered.
  3. You already belong to OlympTrade and have virtual money of $ 10,000 to learn to invest.
  4. To receive a payment, you may have to verify your data.

Data verification

Before making a withdrawal, Olymp Trade will ask you for some information to verify your account. This is an action required to prevent illegal activities.

The steps they usually ask for verification are:

  1. Copy of passport or identification card.
  2. A selfie with the document in hand in which both parts are clearly visible.
  3. Proof of residency
  4. Confirmation of payment methods.

However, OlympTrade offers personalized attention online, by email or telephone. These steps are only for verification, and you should not worry about that.

OlympTrade Review: Final Thoughts

OlympTrade is an excellent tool for investing in options and forex. It is very simple for new traders who want to gain experience in trading, due to their demo account to freely invest money.

Being a registered and reliable company, it provides the user with the security of investing with an approved and safe entity.

The payment and deposit methods are very varied and secure, so you will not have any impediments to carry them out.

Therefore, OlympTrade is an excellent option for those who wish to invest their money and enter the financial market.

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