Best 8 Native Ad Networks for Affiliate Marketing

Native traffic is one of the best to exploit in companies and in affiliate marketing. The power of this type of traffic has been increasing due to its easy adaptation to web pages. This allows you to improve the user experience and ROI (Return on Investment) for which you pay for advertising.

Many times it is difficult to find the traffic network indicated for the offer you are looking for. That’s why, beyond what some people tell you, you will have to try different traffic sources to find the ideal network.

However, here, I’ll analyze the best native traffic networks based on the quality and the CPC you can get.

In this article, I’ll cover the best 8 Native Ad Networks.

1. RevContent

best native ad network revcontent

RevContent was founded in 2013 by John Lemp. Since then, RevContent is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

RevContent traffic is one that has more quality for less price. Traffic isn’t garbage like that of other native ad networks.

With RevContent, you can increase your CPC as you scale your campaigns and get the best performance. While the minimum CPC you can configure is $ 0.001, you won’t get much traffic in Tier 1 and 2 countries for that price.

Also, you can scale your campaigns quickly because it’s one of the companies with the most traffic (more than 250 billion impressions per month).

The admission of the bridges pages can be a bit strict, and you must always comply with the header and footer of the paid advertising notice. On the other hand, the ads must also be clean and comply with the rules.

The attention of RevContent staff is also excellent, and you can receive helpful advice.


native ad networks mgid

MGID is one of the pioneer companies in native traffic. Its foundation was remote to Ukraine in 2004 when its Stanislav Telyatnikov created the first native advertising technology. Then the company was established in 2008 in New York City.

The traffic you can get from MGID is also of very good quality. Likewise, it’s very easy to scale the campaigns since it has thousands of pages that publish the ads.

MGID has traffic from all over the world, and you can get excellent traffic from the US, UK, AU, Europe, and Asia.

The rules with the bridging pages aren’t as strict as in RevContent, but it admits a little more flexibility.

The minimum deposit to invest in MGID is $ 100. However, if you deposit $ 500, you can get an Account Manager that will help you find and optimize the best campaigns. This is highly recommended if you need advice and help in campaign optimization.

3. Outbrain

outbrain native traffic

Outbrain was founded in 2006 to generate the best experience in native ads.

The quality of the websites where you publish your ads are really good. So it’s great if you are going to promote quality products through legitimate funnels.

The disadvantage of this network is that it can be difficult to be accepted at the beginning, and its rules with the bridge pages is quite strict.

4. Taboola

taboola native traffic sources

Taboola is a company founded in 2007 by Adam Singolda.

Taboola is one of the networks with the best traffic quality. Still, it’s also one of the most expensive networks to advertise. Although the minimum CPC is $ 0.01, you won’t get much traffic. Most pay from $ 0.1 to $ 1.5.

Taboola traffic can be assimilated to the same quality as Facebook or Google. Of course, the intention of traffic is totally different, but it’s similar in terms of quality.

I only recommend going to Taboola if you are an experienced advertiser with a lot of money in your pocket.

5. Adskeeper


Adskeeper is a company founded in 2013 that has grown considerably since then.

He currently has more than 5 billion recommendations daily. So its traffic is quite large.

Most of the traffic on this network can come from streaming traffic, file downloads, or media. So you should keep that in mind for the type of offers to run.

6. Adcash

adcash affiliate marketing

Adcash is a company founded in Estonia, 2007. It has millions of visits per day because it’s found in more than 100,000 websites.

Most of the traffic is from mainstream. So most of the offers that will work are games, downloads, or sweepstakes.

All users have an assigned account advisor who will help you with campaigns.

7. Adnow

best native ad network

Adnow was founded in 2014 by a group of people passionate about digital advertising.

It currently has more than 6 billion impressions per month on its websites around 114 countries.

The traffic is moderately good, and you can find some reasonable offers to run on this network.

The ad approval and landing page barrier are also very low. So you won’t have big problems with this. Your ad approval is also speedy.

8. native platform was founded in 2002. In recent years it has expanded to cover more than 66,000 advertising websites.

This network may work for some offers, but you must have a lot of money to invest.

Tips for Native Traffic

Native traffic is undoubtedly one of the predominant around the web. Its concealed insertion in the websites allows you to increase the ROI and scale the campaigns.

However, it’s a type of traffic that requires a lot of initial investment to find a profitable campaign.

That is, if you are determined to go for native traffic, you must have at least $ 1,000 to spend on advertising.

The barriers to entry to this type of traffic can be hard, but so are the benefits. No doubt, you can scale a campaign to thousands of dollars with native traffic.

GEOs Tips for Native Traffic

Another essential point when entering native traffic is the GEOs (target countries).

Most giant companies invest money in advertising in Tier 1 countries that speak English (US, CA, UK, and AU).

The big mistake of novice affiliates is that they want to invest in these same countries but with little money. So it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a profitable campaign in these countries with $ 200. It would be like winning the lottery to find a profitable US campaign with that money.

So my recommendation is that if you are just entering the native traffic, try countries in Europe, Asia, or LATAM. There are many affiliate networks with traffic in these countries, such as AdCombo or ClickDealer. It’s only a matter of trying different offers in different GEOs and with various ad networks.

Native Ad Networks: Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most profitable businesses today. But it isn’t a matter of luck, but of learning and investing money.

The traffic networks mentioned are of good quality. There is no specific network that makes you earn money, but you must find the one indicated for the type of offer you are running.

Learn everything you need about this type of traffic and start testing from today.


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