MuchBetter eWallet Review: The 10 Pros & 2 Cons

MuchBetter is an eWallet that allows you to send, receive, and move money in the fastest and safest way.

This is a company based in London UK, but today offers services to everyone.

muchbetter review

In this review of MuchBetter eWallet, I will analyze in-depth this service and its features.

In my experience, I found 10 points in favor of this company and 2 unfavorable points.

1. Regulated and authorized service

MuchBetter is a regulated and authorized service by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the United Kingdom.

The FCA is an independent entity in the UK, dedicated to regulating companies that operate with money and payments.

The objective of this regulation is to control the movements of MuchBetter and protect the rights of consumers.

All financial companies should be controlled by regulators. In the case of MuchBetter, it does.

Besides, all cards are issued by WireCard and are subject to its rules and conditions.

So you can make sure that it is a reliable and safe service to operate with money.

2. Low Fees

MuchBetter rates are really low.

Account maintenance is free, so you can open an account without problems.

Then, practically all movements within MuchBetter have no commission, such as buying online, paying a merchant, etc.

The only thing charged in the account is the conversion of currencies (0.99%).

Then, to deposit or withdraw your money, commissions between 0% and 8% will be applied (depending on the payment system chosen).

You can confirm the complete list of rates in this link.

MuchBetter updates its rates daily, so you must verify the payment method you choose.

3. MuchBetter Prepaid Card

Another benefit of MuchBetter is that you can ask for a Prepaid Mastercard to use your balance.

This MasterCard card is used to buy digital and physical products online, pay for services, shop locally, withdraw at ATMs, and much more.

The rates of this card are:

MuchBetter CardFee
Use in storesFree
Use onlineFree
Use at ATM0.99%
Use contactlessFree
Currency Conversion0.99%

That is, the rates are meager.

The only thing they charge is currency conversion when you buy in another currency. The 0.99% rate is for USD / EUR / GBP. Another type of fee can be applied to other currencies.

This MasterCard is a very convenient option to use MuchBetter funds.

In order to request the MasterCard, you must verify your account by submitting an ID (passport or driving record). You must also have a positive balance in your account to be able to issue it.

4. No restrictions

The MuchBetter account has many benefits because it has no restrictions to buy.

Many times some banks or credit cards delay certain payments in some cryptocurrency, gambling, trading, or casino sites.

But MuchBetter is a more effective way to use your money to spend online.

You can use both the MasterCard card and the MuchBetter virtual wallet to shop online.

5. Easy to use

Banks have long procedures to open an account and thousands of fees for everything.

Many times this process becomes tedious and slow.

Instead, with MuchBetter, you can open an account in less than 5 minutes and start using your eWallet.

Opening an account on MuchBetter is entirely free, and anyone over 18 can do it (or the age of majority in your country).

To open an account, you simply go to, register with your personal data, place funds in your account, and start using the eWallet.

6. Variety of deposit/withdraw methods

In MuchBetter, you have many options to enter or withdraw your money from the eWallet.

The methods to fund your account are:

Astropay CardBancoBlikSEPA TransferBank TransferCashtoCode
Przelewy24VISA/MastercardSafetypayVerkkopankkiYandexINTERAC e-Transfer
BoletoQIWISofortBitcoinInterac OnlineAURA
BradescoITAUArgenCardBanamexPago FacilBanco Occidente
CabalCarrullaOxxoQuickBankPay by Bank

This is the complete list of all payment methods, but for each country, there are unique options available.

The options to withdraw your money are:

SEPA bank transfersYandexInterac e-transferBitcoinWire Transfers
The commissions of each method (deposit/withdraw) may vary. You can check the commission of each method here.

7. Security

MuchBetter offers the highest protection to its customers through different security systems.

Your account is protected by touch ID, dynamic security codes, and device pairing. It also uses a transaction review system to ensure that only legitimate transactions are performed.

All accounts are protected with maximum security. So you don’t have to worry about it.

Personally, I recommend that you use an antivirus or malware on your computer if you are going to access your account or carry out transactions with the card. This way, you make sure to minimize the risk of your account.

8. Great support

MuchBetter customer contact service is open 24/7.

From your account, you can access customer service.

Also, MuchBetter has an excellent knowledge base to consult all your doubts. But if your FAQs don’t work for you, they will help you.

Their attention works through tickets, but in some cases, you can contact you by phone.

9. Rewards and promotions

By opening an account, you immediately access all the benefits and rewards of MuchBetter.

For every $ 10 you spend on gaming sites, you receive unique points.

Also, you receive points every time you enter funds or send money to friends.

Then, every Monday, they randomly raffle to give money to their users. The more points you have, the more chances you have to win.

Prizes range from £ 2.50 to £ 100 weekly.

There is also an annual raffle in which a trip to Las Vegas is raffled.

10. MuchBetter for Business

If you have a business where you want to add payment systems, you should consider MuchBetter.

MuchBetter offers an excellent payment solution for your business.

By integrating this system with your website, you get the highest security, global reach, low rates, and payment optimization.

Integrating the MuchBetter API with your website has never been easier.

You have many benefits, such as:

  • Fraud prevention
  • Global balance
  • Low rates
  • FCA regulated
  • Multi-currency
  • Customer authentication
To start using MuchBetter as a payment system, you should contact your team.

2 Cons

1. Some countries are not accepted

MuchBetter is an application that is available in many countries, but some are excluded.

This eWallet is not available in the USA and Afghanistan, Burma, Crimea, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Yemen.

Then, it is available in all other countries.

2. Wire Transfer’s Minimum is a bit high

Another disadvantage of MuchBetter is that wire transfers have a high minimum.

To withdraw your money from MuchBetter with Wire Transfer, the minimum is $ 250. And the rate is $ 50 EUR + 2%.

Anyway, you have other methods of withdrawing money, such as SEPA Transfers, Yandex, Bitcoin, or Interac. In which the minimum goes from $ 10 to 30, and the rates are much lower.

Usually, most users do not use Wire Transfers to get the money, but in case you have it in mind, you should consider other methods.

About MuchBetter

MuchBetter is the trade name of the company MIR Limited UK Ltd. Its headquarters are in London, United Kingdom.

This company was created to make the daily expenses routine much simpler, safer, and beneficial.

That is why the company offers different payment methods, benefits, rewards, and much more.

As I mentioned in point number one, it is a company regulated and authorized to operate by the FCA.

MuchBetter eWallet Review: Is it worth it?

So, is this eWallet a good option?

Before answering this question, I will review some essential points to consider.

MuchBetter is a safe company to use because it is regulated by the FCA. Besides, it has many filters to protect your account.

The rates are very low, and they are mostly charged when you deposit or withdraw your money from the account.

Also, it is a handy wallet to use on the internet, and with the MasterCard, you can buy anywhere or withdraw money from ATMs.

So, to conclude this review of MuchBetter eWallet, I can say that yes, it’s an excellent e-wallet to make payments, spend money, or pay for services.

Do not forget that creating an account is free, so you can make one now without risk.

How to create an account?

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account with all your real data.
  3. Enter funds or receive money from third parties.
  4. Start spending and enjoy your account.


What is MuchBetter Wallet?

MuchBetter is an eWallet that allows you to spend, receive, or move money easily and safely. It is a company that is based in London, UK but offers its services to everyone.

What are the MuchBetter fees?

Creating an account on MuchBetter is free, and anyone of legal age can do it. It only has fees to deposit or withdraw money, which depends on the method chosen.

Is MuchBetter safe?

Yes, MuchBetter is a company regulated and authorized by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Also, it has many filters and protections to improve system security.

Does MuchBetter offer a prepaid card?

Yes, MuchBetter offers a prepaid MasterCard for its users. To request the issuance of the card, you must have your verified account and positive balance.

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