MaxBounty Review – Should You Join This CPA Network?

MaxBounty Review

maxbounty review

MaxBounty is a CPA network, whose goal is to maximize the ROI of affiliates and advertisers. It is a platform with thousands of offers and one of the largest networks.


  • Wide variety of offers
  • Weekly payments
  • High reputation company
  • MaxMoney Rewards Program to earn extra money
  • High payouts
  • Friendly affiliate managers


  • You must have some experience to sign up

In this MaxBounty review, I will tell my experience with this affiliate network and explain everything you should know.

These are the topics we will discuss in this guide:

MaxBounty Review: What is MaxBounty?

Maxbounty is a leading affiliate network that is based on the CPA (Cost-per-action) model. This company was founded in 2004 and has grown potentially since then.

It’s one of the pioneer companies in affiliate marketing and is one of the most credible networks due to its high reputation. Also, MaxBounty has been able to adapt to marketing changes due to its continuous evolution.

MaxBounty is one of the affiliate networks that contain more variety in terms of niches (more than 20 categories) and thousands of offers to promote. Not only that, but it has offers around the world so you can choose the ones that best fit your needs.

Also, their affiliate managers are friendly. They help you improve your strategies and find the best deals according to your type of traffic.

What is CPA Marketing?

cpa marketing

Before we continue talking about MaxBounty, we will make a brief summary of what CPA Marketing is and how it works.

CPA (Cost-Per-Action) is a marketing model in which the affiliate is paid a commission when referring a user and completing an action.

This action can be a sale, complete a form, a survey, an e-mail, or download.

CPA networks basically connect affiliates with advertisers through an affiliate network. These companies offer a follow-up of the actions, provide advice, and mediate the procedure.

MaxBounty: CPA Marketing

MaxBounty is one of these companies that leads the affiliate sector and offers the best service and quality for both the advertiser and the affiliate.

Its objective is to maximize the ROI of affiliates and advertisers to generate profitable campaigns. You have many tools to achieve this goal.

The credibility of this company has been increasing, and today thousands of affiliates and companies trust MaxBounty.

Types of Offers: MaxBounty Review

So, what kinds of offers can you find in MaxBounty? While this is one of the companies with the most offers, we will make a brief description of the main types of offers.

maxbounty campaigns


This is one of the niches that are most sought after, and that can generate higher profitability if you find the indicated offers.

Basically, it includes all kinds of offers related to health (diet, hair loss, skincare, etc.)


Dating sites are also very popular on the web, and that is why they have become profitable in recent years. Affiliates manage to maximize profit with these types of campaigns.


The financial item includes loans, credits, mortgage refinancing, and tax debt. This sector is widely popular in countries such as the US, CA, and the UK.


In this type of offers, the lead is generated when the user makes a download. It can be a mobile application, software, plugin, or file.


Sweepstakes are offers that convert when the referred user completes his e-mail and personal data in exchange for a promise to win something. Advertisers usually offer a raffle for an iPhone, MacBook, or a voucher.

When the user completes the offer and enters his e-mail, you get a monetary reward (which is usually between $ 1 and $ 5). Although the payout is small, the required action is effortless to perform, and in this way, you can scale the campaign.

Bizz Opp

This refers to Business Opportunities. The offers included are bitcoin, guides to make money, and lottery. The appeal of this type of offer is that payouts can be very high (up to $ 600), and you can generate super profitable campaigns. Of course, you must find the right type of traffic and method.


Also, another niche that predominates in MaxBounty is the polls. The user simply has to complete a survey, and you receive a commission for it.


Travel sites have grown in recent years, and partly also due to affiliate advertising. If you have a travel site, you can generate a lot of profitability with this type of offer.

  • These are the main types of offers you can find on MaxBounty. Besides, if you are looking for a particular offer, you can request it by using the application form.

MaxBounty Review: Traffic Types

maxbounty offers

An important point to explain is the types of traffic accepted by MaxBounty. Since before running a campaign, you must be sure that the offer accepts that type of traffic.

The types of traffic are:

  • Email: This refers to affiliates that have a list of E-Mail subscribers and also those who pay per traffic to distribute an ad in E-Mails (known as Solo Ads).
  • Contextual: This type of traffic includes Pop-Unders and Pop-Overs ads. They are usually useful for Sweepstakes type offers. But you must make sure that the offer you are about to run accepts that type of traffic.
  • Search: Search traffic includes Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo. You should check the restrictions of each offer since some of them don’t accept Brand bidding; that is to say, mention the name of their brand in the advertisement that you are showing.
  • Incentive: This type of traffic refers to giving an incentive in exchange for an action. For example, you offer gift points on your website in exchange for the user filling out a survey.

    Usually, most advertisers do not leave this type of traffic, but some sweepstakes accept it.
  • Social: Traffic from Facebook Ads (and Instagram), Linkedin, or Twitter. The advantage of this type of traffic is that it can be viral and can be very effective.
  • Native: Native traffic has gained fame in recent years due to its discretion on websites. These are advertisements integrated into the content of a web page. That is, people don’t see it as an advertisement, but as another section of the website. Hence the “native” name is born because it seems native to the page.

    Companies like RevContent, MGID, or Taboola offer this type of traffic.
  • Mobile ads: This is another type of traffic that, in recent years, has generated popularity due to the increase in SmartPhones. It refers to the ads paid in the mobile notifications and also within the application.

    Since you accept conditions to show advertisements on some Apps or websites, they show ads in the notifications. You can buy this type of traffic in companies like PropellerAds.
Before running a campaign, you must make sure that the offer accepts the type of traffic you are about to run. If you have any questions, you can check with your affiliate manager, and he will resolve your concern.

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Payment Terms

MaxBounty is one of the companies that provide the best payment terms. Starting at $100, you receive payments weekly. No laps.

Other affiliate networks take 15 days or a month to pay. Even some of them take up to 2 months (Net-30). These terms of payment are tough for us because we cannot reinvest his money.

In the case of MaxBounty, they pay weekly, and you can quickly invest your money and scale your campaign.

In my experience, they have never been late with any payment and have always complied with the weekly term.

Payment methods depend on the country, but they usually accept Payoneer, Paypal, or bank transfer.

MaxMoney: What is it?

MaxMoney is a rewards program created by MaxBounty. Their goal is to reward members with extra money for running some campaigns.

Some bonuses include + 10% of the offer payout. In other campaigns, it’s some specific reward. The truth is that this program is a great incentive to run offers on MaxBounty and generate more money.

This program can be very beneficial in offers with bigger payouts. For example, if you win $1,000 with an offer and the reward is + 10%, you will generate $100 as a gift with this reward program.

Can they suspend me?

Basically, in any affiliate network, you can be suspended if you do not comply with its terms. The main reasons for suspension are for not complying with traffic rules or for generating leads illegally.

In the case of MaxBounty, if you are transparent and don’t make any weird movements, you can rest assured about this.

The cases that have been reported of suspension have been due to claims of non-compliance with the rules.

MaxBounty Review: Final Thoughts

To finalize this review of MaxBounty, I will make a few brief comments for you to make your final decision.

MaxBounty is one of the pioneer companies in the field (it was created in 2004), so it has high credibility as it is a company that is sustained over the years. Thousands of affiliates choose this company to run their campaigns.

Personally, I only choose affiliate networks that pay weekly to run campaigns with paid traffic, since otherwise, I cannot reinvest the money in advertising. That’s why I choose Maxbounty when running campaigns. In addition to knowing that the punctuality of payment is almost timed.

Besides, it has some benefits, such as MaxMoney allow you to generate more money than you would in other affiliate networks. So it is a great incentive.

To this day, it is an affiliate network that has not failed and has excellent comments from its affiliates (including me).

The only observation you have to make is to make sure that the offer you are about to run accepts the source of traffic you want to use. This way, you’ll make sure you follow the rules.

To sum up, MaxBounty is a large affiliate network that allows you to increase ROI for both affiliates and advertisers. You may not make money overnight, but with time and dedication, you can generate profitable campaigns.

How to get approved by MaxBounty?

Finally, I will give you some tips to be approved by MaxBounty.

First, all the information you enter in the registration process must be valid. Make sure you put your number correctly (with country code) so they can call you. The call is very simple and you just have to affirm the data you entered and talk a little with the affiliate manager (don’t worry, they are friendly).

Then, in the affiliate marketing experience section, you must be honest with your traffic sources. It is advisable to have some experience before registering in MaxBounty, as this will increase your chances of being approved.

After entering your data, they will call you on your phone and have a little conversation. You shouldn’t worry if your English is not excellent since they accept people from all over the world.

Once you have your accout active, you’re ready to make a lot of money!


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