Inventory Source Review: Do You Really Need This Service?

Inventory Source is an inventory automation software for e-Commerce and dropshipping sites.

inventory source

Inventory Source seems to be an excellent automation service for your online store based on dropshipping. It offers many benefits and advantages to improve and scale your store, but do you really need it?

In this Inventory Source review, we will discuss the main issues about this company and its benefits.


Inventory Source offers three different types of plans for its customers.

Directory Account (Free)

This is the most basic Inventory Source account.

With this account, you access the complete list of Inventory Source suppliers. Also, you can contact the suppliers and see different prices.

You won’t be able to access all the benefits of this service, but at least you will have an idea to know if you need the software or not.

Inventory Automation ($ 99 / month)

With this plan, you have 230+ pre-integrated suppliers.

This plan helps you synchronize all products with your online store (be it Shopify, eBay, Amazon, WordPress, or another platform). That is, you don’t have to upload product-by-product, but InventorySource synchronizes your store automatically.

Prices, variations, attributes, and images are synchronized automatically.

But once you receive a sale, you must manage it from InventorySource and manually pass the tracking code to your buyer.

Full Automation ($ 150 / month)

This is the most recommended plan to automate a dropshipping shop completely.

With this plan, you place your store in automatic mode.

All products are automatically synchronized in your store. When a customer purchases an item, the order is processed automatically, and your buyer receives the tracking code.

Therefore, the processes that are automated are:

  • Product synchronization and variations
  • Purchase order
  • Tracking number

In other words, the entire process is automated.

Difference between Inventory Automation and Full Automation

With Inventory Automation, you can synchronize all products, images, variations, and prices in your store automatically. But the purchase orders will have to be processed manually.

With Full Automation, you can synchronize your entire catalog as in Inventory Automation, but also, the purchase orders and tracking numbers are automatically processed by the system.

So, if your goal is to automate your online store completely, you must go through Full Automation.

Usually, it is recommended to go for the Full plan, since it allows you to avoid many manual processes that take time away.

US Suppliers

At InventorySource, you will find more than 200,000 products from US Suppliers.

This is the main key to the game since most dropshipping businesses are based on selling products to the United States.

If, until today, you were running your business with Chinese suppliers such as AliExpress, you will realize that it is difficult to grow your business.

When you use Chinese suppliers as a source of inventory, shipping takes forever to arrive, and the quality is quite mediocre.

And the truth is that nobody wants to wait 40 days to receive a very high-quality product.

On the other hand, with the US suppliers of Inventory Source, you can send high-quality products for 3 to 5 days.

This is the only way to create a reliable store and generate frequent consumers.

Integration with platforms

Previously, talk about automatic inventory integration with your online store.

But what kind of platforms can you synchronize with Inventory Source?

With Inventory Source, you can synchronize more than 25 online store platforms. The best known are:

 So you can basically synchronize this service with any platform. It is very useful for any type of store. 

Customer support

How does customer service work at Inventory Source?

The quality of customer support is excellent, and you have different ways of contacting them.

You can contact them through tickets (email), schedule a phone call, or join their Facebook group.

Also, within your account, you will have a live chat to contact your staff.

The Inventory Source team is friendly and answers and solves all your problems.

Inventory Source Resources

inventory source resources

Another benefit of Inventory Source is that it has hundreds of resources to learn about dropshipping, eCommerce, marketing, and specific topics.

Whether you want to learn how to resell on eBay, Amazon, or your own website, they have many resources to take.

So you will also have a great source of information to operate your store.

About Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a company founded in 2003 to facilitate online stores through Automation.

Since its creation, it has partnered with hundreds of suppliers to improve their quality of service.

Today, more than 3 million dropship orders are made on its platform per month.

Its 24/7 customer service and superior Automation improve the level of trust.

Inventory Source Review: Do you really need this service?

So, do you really need this service?

If you want to grow and improve your dropshipping online store, the answer is yes, you need it.

On the other hand, if you are totally new to dropshipping, the plans will be a bit expensive.

But anyone who has a dropshipping business and already has their online store running will need this service to scale their business.

Anyway, in Inventory Source, you have the free option, in which you can see the number of suppliers it has, and so you can get an idea of ​​what you will get.

So, you can create a free account right now and start trying this service.

What is Inventory Source?

Inventory Source is an inventory automation service for dropshipping stores. With software, you can automate your products, prices, orders and orders, and tracking.

How much does Inventory Source cost?

Inventory Source has three plans: Directory Account, Inventory Automation, and Full Automation. The basic plan is free, and the other two plans cost $ 99 and $ 150 per month.

Is Inventory Source reliable?

Yes, Inventory Source is a company created in 2003 to automate online stores. Their customer support is 24/7, and thousands of customers trust them.

Does Inventory Source have suppliers in the US?

Yes, Inventory Source has suppliers in the US. It currently has more than 200,000 dropship products from the best suppliers.

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