How to Install WordPress with cPanel

WordPress is one of the most popular software to create a website. In fact, today it’s the most used platform for websites.

Installing WordPress with cPanel is very easy to do and can be achieved in less than 5 minutes. In this tutorial, I will explain how to install WordPress easily with the cPanel application.

Pre requirements

  • Hosting with access to cPanel.
  • Domain integrated with the hosting (the nameservers of your domain must point to your hosting).

Once you have these two steps done, we proceed to install WordPress in cPanel.

Step # 1: Log in to cPanel.

install wordpress with cpanel

Most hosting offers the cPanel panel so that each user can install their own sites, email boxes, SSL certificates, etc.

The cPanel location may vary depending on the hosting.

Step # 2: Locate Softaculous

softacolous apps installer

Softaculous Apps Installer is a program to install any type of open-source software such as WordPress.

It’s usually found in the “Software” section. Once you find it, open it.

Step # 3: Select WordPress

wordpress in softocalous

Once you open Softaculous, you must locate the WordPress software.

When you find it, click on install.

Step # 4: Configure the software

software setup wordpress with cpanel

In this step, you must first select the latest version of WordPress.

Then, the site protocol. If your site has an SSL certificate, you must select HTTPS. Otherwise, you must choose HTTP.

Then select your domain.

In the directory section, you must leave it empty.

Step # 5: Set up a name and account

wordpress plugin

Within the “Site Settings” section, you must invent a name for your site and a description.

Then in “Admin Account”, you must invent a username and password to login to the WordPress panel. Also, you must assign an email to WordPress.

Step # 6: Set a language

Set a language for the main WordPress panel.

Step # 7: Plugins and additional themes

In this step, you can select additional plugins and themes to come pre-installed with WordPress.

It is not an essential step since then in the WP panel, you can install any plugin or theme.

In the advanced options section, you must leave everything by default.

Step # 8: Click on Install

Simply click on install and let the installation process begin.

Ready, you have already installed WordPress with the cPanel app in less than 5 minutes.

WordPress will offer you your domain and the Administrative URL.

The administrative URL (, is the link where you will always login to access the WordPress administration panel.

The data to enter are what you established in step number 5.

Recommended Hosting Providers with cPanel


Siteground is a hosting provider that offers the best quality/price ratio. Their plans start at $ 3.95 per month and provide incredible benefits.


GreenGeeks is the first Eco-Friendly WordPress hosting. Its motto is based on transforming 3 times the amount that your site uses in renewable energy.

It is an excellent hosting, and their plans start at $ 2.95 per month.


DreamHost is another great hosting provider with cPanel panel. Their plans start at $ 3.95 per month and offer many benefits such as a free domain and SSL certificates.

The 10 Best Hosting for WordPress

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