Best Free Affiliate Tracking Software: BeMob Review

If you are wanting to enter affiliate marketing and want to track your sales, you’ll need a tracker.

The problem is that most tracking systems solutions are highly expensive, such as Voluum or AdsBridge.

But, on the positive side, some companies have free plans for affiliate marketers, as is the case with BeMob.

In this article, we will analyze this free affiliate tracking software with all its features and benefits.

best free affiliate tracking software

Why do you need tracking software?

For starters, tracking software is the essential tool of every affiliate marketer. Without it, you won’t be able to scale your campaigns.

The tracker helps you to optimize your campaigns, filtering landing pages, offers, countries, devices, etc.

The only way for you to scale the campaigns to thousands of dollars is to make a correct optimization of the campaigns.

But just as you can make a lot of money, it will also cost to optimize those campaigns. Most of the companies that offer this solution sell it at a very high cost.

Not so with the case of BeMob, which offers a free plan up to 100,000 events per month (clicks or visits). This is more than we need to get started. When you pass this limit, you have to choose some very cheap plans.

Best Free Affiliate Tracking Software: BeMob Review

bemob review

BeMob is an affiliate tracking software that helps you optimize your campaigns by filtering more than 15 parameters.

This tool offers a free plan (without credit card deception or anything like that) for an unlimited time until you pass 100,000 events per month.

A new affiliate marketer that enters the CPA world doesn’t need more than that amount of clicks to start. In fact, you can make a lot of money with that amount of clicks if you find a good campaign.

With BeMob, you can track your campaigns and conversions in real-time.

Also, all your data is fully protected, so you shouldn’t worry about having your campaigns stolen.

BeMob’s Features

Filter with more than 15 parameters

You can filter by country, landings, offers, cities, states, mobile carriers, OS, OS version, browsers, IP, device types, screen resolution, affiliate network, traffic sources, and much more.

That is, you will have all the relevant information you need to optimize your campaigns.

Example: If one OS (operating system) is more profitable than another, you can change the bid at the traffic source. Likewise, with countries and all parameters.

Landing Pages Testing

One of the foolproof functions of trackers is that it has automatic landing page rotation. Only in this way will you be sure to select the best landing page.

Landing page testing works like this: you select 4 or 5 different landing pages, and BeMob will automatically rotate them. In this way, you can filter the least profitable until you find the best one.

This can also be done with the offers if you need to find a better offer within several similar ones.

Real-time tracking

Bemob’s servers are cloud-based, and you can analyze and view real-time campaign tracking. No wasted time.

Really the speed of the tracker is super fast, and you can see any change in the reports instantly.

Custom Domain Parking

BeMob offers its free domain so you can create your tracking links. But in case you want to link your own domain, you can also do it.

Link your own domain has many benefits for some search traffic such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, or some native sources.

Instant Redirects

The redirection of landing pages and offers is instantaneous. No delay time.

The fact that it is instantaneous is an essential feature so that the user does not waste time waiting.

Friendly interface

BeMob’s interface is really very friendly and easy to understand. You can analyze all the parameters of the campaign as you wish.

The data provided by BeMob is of high quality and highly reliable.

Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense feature is a technology that allows you to have a “sixth eye” to analyze your campaigns.

It is an intelligent tool to improve the ROI of your campaigns through an analysis of more than 2000 combinations of the parameters.

Sixth Sense allows you to optimize campaigns to the maximum and not lose a penny with junk traffic.

This feature is not included in the free plan. It is only included in plans starting at $ 25 / month.

BeMob vs. other tracking software

So, what is the difference between this fantastic affiliate tracking software with a free plan and other super expensive trackers?

The truth is that the differences are minimal and don’t represent reality for an affiliate marketer that is just beginning.

Let’s look at a comparison chart of BeMob vs. Voluum vs. AdsBridge.

Free Plan Included
Custom DomainsUnlimitedUp to 25Unlimited
SupportProfessional Support: OnlinePersonal/GroupDedicated account managers
Bot filter
Impression Tracking
A/B Testing
Automatic Campaign Optimization
Instant Redirects

As you will see, the differences are very few, and BeMob has a free plan, so you will not get it in any other tracker.

How to start with BeMob

bemob signup

To begin with, BeMob, you have to register at The registration process is very simple and totally free (they don’t ask for a credit card). Remember that as long as you do not spend 100,000 per month, the plan will be free.

Once registered, you are ready to start optimizing all your campaigns. Before you start, you must configure all the parameters so that it is prepared to run.

Best Free Affiliate Tracking Software: Final Thoughts

BeMob is a unique option to start tracking CPA campaigns. The free plan of 100,000 events per month is excellent for any affiliate marketer that begins in the field.

Besides, if you exceed that amount in the future, you can upscale to another plan, and they are very cheap compared to other trackers.

So if you are looking for a free affiliate tracking software, you should use BeMob. I have used it for a long time, and it has been great.

The only way to reach profitable campaigns and scale them to thousands of dollars is with a tracker. There is no other way.

So, you no longer have excuses to start optimizing your campaigns and go for everything.


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