ecoPayz Review – Is it Safe? How does it work?

ecopayz review
ecoPayz is a payment service that offers a virtual wallet to its users to send and receive money worldwide.  By registering, you have access to all its benefits, and you can start operating secure payments instantly.   


(USD amounts)

ServiceFee (USD)
Active AccountFree
Account Inactive > 12 Months$1.67
Debit/Credit Card Deposit1.69% - 6% + $0.28
Bank deposit0.00% - 7.00%
Send/Receive via WesternUnionFree
Withdrawal to bank account$6.56-$11.12
Transfer to another EcoAccount1.5% (Silver) - Free (Gold, Platinium, VIP)
Currency conversion1.25% - 2.99%

The ecoPayz rates are quite reasonable. First, you will not be charged for account maintenance while active. If you do not carry out any transaction for 12 months, you will be charged $ 1.67 per month.

Fees for depositing money into the account vary. If you deposit via bank transfer, the percentages range from 0% to 7%. In the case of credit/debit cards, it has a commission between 1.69% – 6% plus a fixed additional of $ 0.28.

If you want to send or receive money with WesternUnion, it’s free.

The withdrawal to a bank account has a fee between $ 6.56 and $ 11.12 for Silver, Gold, and Platinium accounts and between $ 3.22- $ 7.78 for VIP accounts.

To transfer money to another ecoAccount is free from Gold accounts. If you have a Silver account, the sender will pay 1.5%.

So, in general, the rates are moderate and do not represent a large part.

ecoCard / ecoVirtualCard


ecoPayz offers two types of cards: ecoCard / ecoVirtualCard. The ecoCard is a prepaid card to use your ecoAccount money. On the other hand, the ecoVirtualCard is a single-use card to use once (as a kind of coupon).

The ecoCard has many benefits since you can buy at any physical store or online with this card. You can also withdraw money at any ATM. This card is accepted worldwide.

This card is available in USD, EUR, or GBP. With your ecoAccount, you can order up to 3 cards if you need them.

Many times some cards issued by banks do not allow online payments. But with this card, you can buy online sites such as forex, betting, lottery, gaming, or brokers.

For the card order,, you don’t require a bank account or credit check.

ecoCard Fees

Card issuance and activation are entirely free. On the other hand, the replacement of the card costs $ 12.5.

The withdrawal of money in ATMs has a cost of 2%, with a minimum charge of $ 1.5. In the case of cash services, it has a fee of 4%.

Any purchase you make in a currency other than the card has a cost of 2.99% per currency conversion.

Transaction processing, card renewal/cancellation, and balance inquiry are free.

Account Types

ecopayz account levels

ecoPayz has five different types of accounts according to the needs of each client. This way, you can keep track of your finances and manage your payments.

All types of accounts are free registration and maintenance. Also, you can update the type of account whenever you want.

The account types are:

  • Classic: This is the simplest account and has a total limit of € 2,500 to transfer into the account. It is the basic account they provide as soon as you register, but you can upgrade to the next one at any time.
  • Silver: With this type of account, you are already able to send and transfer money, and you have a maximum balance of € 15,000.
  • Gold: With the Gold account, you have some benefits more than Silver, such as a lower rate for currency conversion (1.49% Gold vs. 2.99% Silver). You have 24/7 support, € 100,000 maximum balance, and many more benefits.
  • Platinium: The Silver account has the same benefits as Gold, but your balance limit is extended to € 120,000.
  • VIP: The VIP account is the highest account level. The rates are lower for currency conversion (1.25%), as well as the transfer rates. This account has no account balance limit.

How to top up the account?

To deposit funds in your account, you have different ways of doing it. These are:

  • Local deposit options: For each country, there are various ways to deposit cash.
  • Credit/Debit Card: Another way to deposit money is with your VISA / Mastercard.
  • International bank transfers
 For each deposit method, the crediting time may vary. Usually, the slowest are bank transfers (1-4 business days). 

ecoPayz Review: Exclusive prizes

ecopayz rewards

If you already have an ecoPayz account, you have all the benefits to participate in special prizes.

Also, there are always offers and promotions with this means of payment.

Each month there are different types of offers that you can take advantage of just having your free account.

ecoPayz for business

ecoPayz also has a proposal for companies through its system to accept payments.

With this service, you can pay in 45 different currencies to increase your sales.

The integration of ecoPayz with your website is free and instant. Besides, with this integration, you are protecting your business from fraud with its anti-fraud system.

EcoPayz Review: About the company

ecoPayz is a company founded in 2000 in England. This trademark is registered by the company PSI-Pay Ltd.

The company PSI-Pay Ltd is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), which is an entity that regulates financial institutions.

This institution ensures that all ecoPayz movements are transparent and protect the rights of consumers.

In 2009 he partnered with MasterCard to issue prepaid “ecoCard” cards.

Today it has an app for Android and iOS, 24/7 multilanguage service, and has payment solutions for companies.

ecoPayz Review: Should you sign up?

The ecoAccount seems to be an excellent option to have a virtual wallet to buy and pay online and physical stores. With this account, you can receive and send international payments.

With the ecoCard, you can use the money in your virtual wallet on any online website or physical business, as well as withdraw cash at any ATM.

Also, with having your ecoPayz account, you are participating for hundreds of prizes and have access to thousands of discounts online.

Because it is a company regulated by financial institutions such as the FCA, it’s considered safe to use.

To end this ecoPayz review, we can conclude that yes, you should register if you need a wallet to pay or receive payments.

Creating an account is free and straightforward, so you have no risk. If you still don’t have an account, you can do it now!


Is ecoPayz any good?

ecoPayz is a reliable company that provides its services since 2000 in England. It is a company approved and controlled by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

We can conclude that ecoPayz is a good company that provides the greatest security to its customers.

ecoPayz offers prepaid card?

Yes, ecoPayz offers a prepaid card in USD, EUR or GBP. Just having an account, you can request for the card (you don’t have to meet any requirements).

How to deposit money in ecoPayz?

In ecoPayz, you can deposit money through credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or local methods.


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