ClickDealer Review – Should You Join This CPA Network?


  • Access to more than 10,000 offers
  • Good reputation and attention
  • Friendly Affiliate Managers
  • New SmartLinks feature
  • Loyalty program with Rewards


  • Some forms of payment may have a high minimum.
ClickDealer is a marketing agency that specializes in CPA campaigns. Its goal is to maximize ROI for affiliates and increase sales for advertisers.


In this ClickDealer review, we will see everything you need to know about this company before you sign up. Don’t miss it.

About ClickDealer

ClickDealer is a company founded in 2012 in the Netherlands. Since then, it has rapidly escalated to a worldwide affiliate network that has thousands of offers.

The objective of this company is to help affiliates to execute CPA campaigns, provided opportunities to create and test new offers and techniques.

It is one of the largest affiliate networks that makes affiliate marketing profitable, scalable, and convenient.

It is a company rated as one of the best CPA Networks by different entities such as mThink Blue or Mobyaffiliates. He has won many awards due to his excellent reputation and user focus.

It currently has managers with 24/7 service and worldwide coverage. Also, they always hold events, parties, and meetings for their members.

Who is ClickDealer for?

ClickDealer is a CPA Network focused on dating, sweepstakes, mobile subscriptions, gambling, E-Commerce, and Downloads niches.

So most of its offers (it has more than 10,000 offers) are focused on those seven niches.

If you are an affiliate that runs these types of offers, you will find ClickDealer very profitable.

The main business models it uses are CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, and RevShare.

Affiliates must have some experience in CPA Marketing before registering since it requires some knowledge to run ClickDealer offers.

ClickDealer: Top verticals

clickdealer platform

  • Sweepstakes: the best offers of prizes, gift cards, and much more.
  • Mobile Subscriptions: One-Click Flow offers have gained a lot of ground in recent years.
  • Dating: dating offers also predominate in ClickDealer.
  • E-Commerce: hundreds of E-Commerce offers from AliExpress to Jumia.
  • Gaming and Casino: these offers are also highly sought after by hundreds of affiliates, and you can find them at ClickDealer.

Accepted types of traffic

ClickDealer accepts all kinds of traffic (Search, Native, Push, Pop, Social, etc.). But each advertiser has specific restrictions for their offers.

So before running any offer, you must ensure that you accept the type of traffic you are about to run.

If you have any questions, you can check with your affiliate manager. They are very friendly and answer all questions.

The better the quality of your traffic, the better your profitability will be in the network.

Loyalty program

When you run offers on ClickDealer, in addition to receiving the payout of the offer, you are also adding points for the loyalty program.

ClickDealer adds this benefit because they believe that long-term benefits with colleagues is essential for building lasting relationships.

The prizes that you can win in this program are incredible and can be such as a MacBook Air, a trip in a cruiser, or an iPad.

ClickDealer Review: Payment Methods

ClickDealer offers different forms of payment for the benefit of its affiliates. It is one of the networks with more payment possibilities.

These include:

The minimum payment amounts usually vary depending on the payment method. These can range from $100 to $500.

Likewise, payment times vary according to the cases. To start, you start with NET15 (15 days after the end of the month), but then you can switch to Weekly NET 5 if you meet their requirements.

ClickDealer SmartLink

ClickDealer offers a new way to run offers. The traditional way of affiliate marketing is to look for an offer and optimize the traffic.

In the case of SmartLink, it is different, since the same system is responsible for finding the right offer for the user.

It works in the following way:

  1. The user clicks on the link
  2. The system is responsible for analyzing all the click data (device, GEO, operator, connection, etc.)
  3. The user is redirected to the most optimal offer for that user (based on a click parameter and dynamic eCPM).

    So with this new type of links, you just have to find a good source of traffic to try with it.


Because ClickDealer has thousands of affiliates worldwide, it performs meetups to improve relationships.

So you can meet the ClickDealer team at those meetings, parties or private events.

These meetings are open to all members who belong to the affiliate network.

ClickDealer Review: Final Thoughts

ClickDealer is a vast affiliate network to maximize return on CPA campaigns. It offers many utilities to facilitate affiliate marketing, such as the SmartLink function.

This company has won many awards as the best network due to its excellent reputation, attention to its users, and the right corporate image.

Belonging to ClickDealer has many benefits, such as the loyalty program with which you can win thousands of prizes; or participate in their private events such as parties or meetups.

If you are not yet a ClickDealer, you can register on their official website.

How to register with ClickDealer?

  1. Fill out the registration form at Remember to be honest with all your data and traffic types.
  2. Confirm Email Address
  3. In a short time, your personal manager will contact you and ask a question via Skype or the preferred messaging service you use.
  4. Ready, you already belong to ClickDealer!


What is ClickDealer?

Clickdealer is a CPA network whose objective is to increase the return of affiliates and increase the sales of advertisers.

What are the most common verticals in ClickDealer?

The most common verticals are sweepstakes, mobile subscriptions, dating, e-commerce, gaming, and crypto.

Is Clickdealer reliable?

Clickdealer is a reliable and safe CPA company. This company was created in 2012 to offer the best quality in the CPA world.


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