The 10 Best CPA Networks of 2021 (Top-Rated)

Affiliate marketing may be one of the most profitable businesses by 2021. But one of the doubts that all affiliates have when registering on a network is: “Will they pay me and they won’t suspend me?” Nobody wants to invest money promoting a CPA product and then not being paid.

The truth is that CPA networks also generate a commission for our sales, so if you make money, they also make money. So it is not convenient to expel someone who can bring many leads.

Without many more laps, in this article, we will review the safest and most reliable CPA Networks to work and not be scammed. In the end, we will give some tips to register and not be banned by these networks.

1. MaxBounty

  • Required experience: It is advisable to have some experience in affiliate marketing before registering with MaxBounty.
  • Predominant niches: Health and Beauty, Diet, E-Commerce, Financial, Sweepstakes, Crypto, Bizz Opp, Dating.
  • Payment frequency: Weekly
  • Payment method: Payoneer, Paypal, Wire, Check.

MaxBounty is a company founded in 2004 with headquarters in Canada. It is one of the pioneer companies in CPA networks and has thousands of global offers on its platform.

Not only does it have thousands of offers, but it also has many niches (more than 20 categories). So you can try a variety of offers on this network.

Affiliate managers are very friendly and help you find profitable campaigns based on your experience.

It’s one of the few CPA Networks that pays weekly and meets it on time. This makes it easier to reinvest the money to continue promoting CPA products.

Also, it has additional reward programs like MaxMoney, in which you can generate even more money by promoting products.

2. ClickDealer

  • Required experience: You must have experience, and you must be generating money on other networks.
  • Predominant niches: Crypto, Bizz Opp, Streaming, Sweepstakes, Mobile Content, Downloads, Dating, Gaming.
  • Payment frequency: Monthly NET 15
  • Payment method: Wire / ACH, Payoneer, Paypal, Paxum, Webmoney, EPayments.

ClickDealer is an affiliate network created in 2012 in Amsterdam to make a difference in the online advertising industry.

It has more than 10,000 offers with which you can make thousands of dollars. Most of these offers are from niches sweepstakes, streaming, dating, or downloads.

They also have E-Commerce, Health, or Diet offers but to a lesser extent.

It is usually a network for experienced affiliates who are currently making money.

3. AdCombo

adcombo affiliate network
  • Required experience: Newbies-Friendly
  • Predominant niches: COD, Health and Beauty, Diet, Adult, Crypto, Sweepstakes Offers
  • Payment frequency: Weekly
  • Payment method: Payoneer, WebMoney, Paxum, Wire, ePayments

AdCombo is an affiliate network created in 2014.

It has a wide variety of offers in Health, Diet, Adults, and Crypto.

AdCombo, in addition to having publisher offers, also has its own offers. These offers are type COD (Cash on Delivery), in which the customer pays his product at the door of his house. This helps to increase the EPC (Earnings per click) and improve the profitability of the campaigns.

AdCombo is a rookie-friendly network, so anyone can register and start making money. Even their affiliate managers are super friendly and help you find the best campaigns and make more money.

4. CPAmatica

  • Required experience: You must have some experience in affiliate marketing.
  • Predominant niches: Dating, Adult, Sweepstakes
  • Payment frequency: Weekly
  • Payment method: Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire, Paxum, ePayments

CPAmatica is an affiliate network created in 2015 to help others improve intelligently. It is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Most of their offers have to do with appointments and adults. So if you are looking for such offers you must go with them.

5. PerformCB

  • Required experience: Requires affiliates with experience.
  • Predominant niches: Health and Beauty, Dating, Finance, E-Commerce.
  • Payment frequency: Depends on the volume.
  • Payment method: Paypal, Wire, Check, Direct Deposit.

Previously called Clickbooth, PerformCB is a CPA Network based in the United States. It was founded in 2002 and now is a network with an excellent reputation.

PerformCB isn’t a network for beginners, but it’s great for affiliates with experience.

It has thousands of offers and in different niches like Health, E-Commerce or Finance.

6. ShareASale

  • Required experience: Moderate
  • Predominant niches: E-Commerce, Health, and Beauty, Accessories, Technology, Home & Garden, Sports.
  • Payment frequency: Net-20
  • Payment method: Check, Payoneer, Direct Deposit.

ShareASale is an affiliate network created in 2000 in Chicago, United States. It is one of the pioneer affiliation companies and has a high reputation.

This network is more intended for bloggers and affiliates with experience to promote quality products. You must be careful with your types of promotion as they can be very strict.

7. HealthTrader

  • Required experience: Newbies-Friendly
  • Predominant niches: Health and Beauty, Diet
  • Payment frequency: Monthly, Bi-Monthly
  • Payment method: Paypal, Bank / Wire Transfer, Paxum.

HealthTrader is an open affiliate network based in London, England. Its founder is Blair Atkinson and began with the affiliate network to adapt to the needs of affiliates and merchants.

The specific niche of this network is Health, Beauty, and Diet. More specifically related to natural and organic supplements.

Although it doesn’t have thousands of offers, its offers are of high quality and allow significant revenues to be generated.

It’s intended for bloggers or website owners with a focus on diets, weight loss, natural ingredients, and beauty. Also, affiliates who have experience promoting this type of products.

8. Toro Advertising

  • Required experience: Requires affiliates with experience.
  • Predominant niches: Finance, Mobile Content, Sweepstakes, Dating, E-Commerce
  • Payment frequency: Weekly, Net7, Net20
  • Payment method: Payoneer, Paypal, ePayments, Wire

Toro Advertising is an affiliate network based in Spain and part of EXOGROUP. Completely focused on the marketing industry, it can provide a wide range of top converting campaigns to media buyers, performance networks, and webmasters.

This CPA has the latest technology in matters of tracking, reporting, and optimization. TORO Advertising’s approach to affiliate marketing is based on experience and efficiency, perfectly combined to achieve the best results in business. It covers all types of media, channels, and ad formats to deliver consistent growth in every aspect.

Affiliate managers are friendly and speak in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Germany, Russian, and Lithuanian.

9. CPALead

  • Required experience: Beginners-Friendly
  • Predominant niches: Content Locker, Mobile Content, App Downloads, Surveys
  • Payment frequency: Weekly
  • Payment method: Payoneer, Paypal, Wire, Check, Bitcoin, Skrill

CPALead is an affiliate network created in 2006 in the United States.

The offers of this network are Content Locking. Content Locking is a method to block a file until the person completes an offer (mostly survey or download).

Content Lockers offers can be great for website owners with premium files (software, songs, files, etc.). It is an essential requirement to have the copyright to block the file.

Many people find these types of offers beneficial for generating revenue from premium content.

10. NamOffers

  • Required experience: Beginners-Friendly
  • Predominant niches: Health and Beauty, Diet, E-Commerce, Sweepstakes
  • Payment frequency: Net30
  • Payment method: Payoneer, Paypal, Check, Wire

NamOffers is a company created in 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its objective is to maximize affiliate profit and help generate income online.

It has thousands of offers, and they are very varied concerning niches. It is for those media buyers and site owners who want to maximize their profits.

The affiliates are super friendly and help you find the best campaigns with a lot of patience (believe me, they have helped me a lot).

Tips for registering in affiliate networks

Many people are afraid when registering with an affiliate network. This is because some of them may reject your registration request.

To be sure to be accepted by any affiliate network, you must make sure you are sincere and don’t attempt any fraud.

Most affiliate networks have a preference for those affiliates who buy paid advertising and know the rules well. That is, you must be clear about your target, your methods of promotion, and objectives.

Some of the affiliate networks ask for some experience, so they can ask you for proof of payment from another network. Those that I catalog as Newbie or Beginner Friendly don’t usually ask for proof of payment (if you mentioned that you haven’t generated any income in the registry).

That is why if in the registration process, you indicate that you have generated an income, they can ask you for proof of payment from another network.

Tips to avoid being suspended

Another of the doubts of the affiliates is if they can suspend them. As a rule, yes, they can ban you, but if you do things wrong.

That’s why here I am going to give you a couple of tips to avoid being banned.
Be honest with your traffic methods.

Always corroborate if the offer you are about to run accepts your type of traffic.
Do not use fraudulent traffic (needless to say).

Read the rules well before running an offer (brand bidding rules, landing page types accepted, etc.)

Best CPA Networks: Final Thoughts

You already know everything you need to know about the best CPA Networks. Starting in the CPA world doesn’t have to be so tricky, but it does require time and dedication. You may not make money overnight, but with consistency, you can find profitable campaigns.

As a general rule, you will not have any problem with any of these 10 networks mentioned as they are reliable and secure. Personally, they have always complied with all its terms.

The choice of the traffic network will depend on the type of offers you are used to running (and you are more successful). But of course, you can also register on several networks to find the offers you are looking for.


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