AdCombo Review: Is it Legit? – Guide to use AdCombo

In this AdCombo review, I will show you my experience with this affiliate network, and all the information you should know about it.

adcombo review

What is Adcombo?

AdCombo is one of the most prestigious affiliate networks in CPA (Cost per advertising). This network has grown exponentially since its opening in 2013. Its unique model has allowed it to take more place in the world of CPA marketing.

This network provides many exclusive offers. That is, offers that you will not find in any other affiliate network because they are owned by the company.

The model of AdCombo’s own offers is of type COD (Cash on Delivery). Later I’ll explain what it is and its benefits compared to the common ones.

The best of the points of this network is that its offers are in low competition GEOs. That is, in countries where it is cheaper to pay for advertising.

AdCombo is a diverse network of categories as it has 12 different niches. So you have a lot of variety to find your best niche.

COD vs. Regular Offers

Most affiliate networks have offers in which the lead is generated when the customer enters their credit card. This is not the case with AdCombo’s own offers.

AdCombo offers are of type COD: Cash On Delivery. That is, the person pays his product when he arrives at his home.

The method works like this: the person enters their name and phone number on the landing page. Then a call center calls the customer, and when the sale is confirmed, you get the commission. Simple, right?

This model has multiple advantages. This is mainly because the COD type is much easier to convert. Many people are afraid to enter their credit card on an unknown website. That’s why you lose many leads in the conventional model. But, entering your phone number is much simpler and feasible.

The payout of these offers can range from $ 5 to $ 35. So you can scale a campaign and make it totally profitable if you find the right traffic.

Low-Competitive GEOs

If you are already an affiliate marketer, surely your greatest ambition will be to get traffic at the lowest possible cost.

Many of the affiliate networks base their offers in countries such as the US, CA, UK, and AU (Tier 1). And while it is true that you can find super profitable campaigns in these countries, it does not always happen. What nobody tells you is that you must invest thousands of dollars to find a profitable campaign in Tier 1. countries. So, it will be practically impossible if you don’t have much money and experience in paid advertising.

The AdCombo model breaks with these barriers and allows you to find a profitable offer in less competitive countries. Many of these countries can be equally profitable, and you can get advertising at the lowest cost per click.

AdCombo offers are in Tier 2 countries (Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Latin America). In most advertising networks, the cost per click (CPC) is much lower in these countries. So much so that you can get advertising from $ 0.005 CPC in these GEOs.

And keeping in mind that the Payouts are from $ 5 to $ 35, you will have already deduced that it is very likely to find a profitable campaign.

AdCombo Landing Pages

At this moment, you are probably wondering: “Ok, it may be great to advertise in low competition countries. But, how the hell do I get landing pages in the native languages ​​of these countries?” Surely you are wondering this because you are not yet in AdCombo.

AdCombo provides many bridge pages for each offer. That is, it not only provides unique offers in unique GEOs, but also provides you with landing pages to test with your traffic source.

So the language won’t be a barrier to find landing pages.

AdCombo calls “Pre-Landing” to the first page where the potential client lands. This is usually a story, a story, or an article. Then AdCombo calls “Landing” to the second page that the potential client arrives after having gone through PreLanding. In the “Landings” appear the characteristics of the product and the space to fill the customer data.

adcombo landing pages
  • In the case of ads, AdCombo offers that you can translate your ads into any language from $ 0.03 per word. That is, the announcement will not be a barrier since AdCombo offers you a solution. Anyway, you can also use the Google translator, but for many languages, ​​it isn’t so accurate.

Adcombo Review: New Affiliates-Friendly

AdCombo is a friendly network with new affiliates. So you should not worry if you are a new affiliate since you will have the necessary help from affiliate managers.

Affiliate managers are very friendly, and they will provide you with the best resources so you can grow as an affiliate and scale your campaigns.

In my experience, when I started with them, I was a rookie, and my affiliate manager had a lot of patience with me.

They usually don’t ban their affiliates. They can only ban you if you carry fraudulent traffic (any network will ban you for fraudulent traffic).

Payment Methods

AdCombo offers different forms of payment so you can collect the money you generate with leads.

You can charge your money by Payoneer, Paxum, ePayments, PayPal, WebMoney, or Wire. The minimum you must generate is $ 50.

Payments are processed twice a week. This can be an essential point if you dedicate yourself to buying traffic since you will need the money quickly to invest in more traffic. So you should not worry about payment times since they are super fast.

In my experience, they have never been late with payments and always in the agreed terms. I think it’s the affiliate network that offers the fastest payments.

Tracking System

The platform is owned by AdCombo, as is its tracking system. The system offers tracking to see different parameters such as country, landing page, pre-landing page, or payout.

Of course, if you dedicate yourself to buying traffic, you must connect it with some software such as Voluum or FunnelFlux. Some of these tracking software can be a bit expensive.

If you are looking for a free tracking system, you can try BeMob that offers the same free service up to 100,000 clicks per month. So if you’re just starting in the world of affiliates, BeMob is the best option.

How is a COD sale generated in AdCombo?

If you are not yet familiar with COD offers, you should know that it works a bit differently than normal offers.

In normal offers, customers enter their credit card and you get a commission. In the case of COD offers, customers enter their data and the commission remains in “Hold” until the customer confirms their purchase to the call center.

The lead states are:

  • Hold: The call center has not yet communicated with the customer.
  • Rejected: The call center called the customer but he refused to finish the purchase.
  • Trash: The client entered false data.
  • Sale: The sale has been successful.

AdCombo Review: Should you sign up?

AdCombo is the best affiliate network for those looking for offers in less competitive niches. This creates a better opportunity for new members who are looking to scale their companies at a lower cost.

Also, affiliate managers are very friendly, even with new affiliates who want to grow and improve in the world of CPA.

Considering that few affiliate networks offer this unique system, AdCombo is positioned as the leader of them.

In the case that you are looking for this type of affiliate network, you should try AdCombo as it is the best in it.

AdCombo is a legit affiliate network that offers a lot of own COD-type offers. This company pays twice a week and always in term. That is why it’s one of the most reliable and secure networks.

Its unique model of own COD offers, makes Adcombo different from the rest of the networks.

To summarize this Adcombo review, I can recommend you this affiliate network completely.

How to get approved by AdCombo?


The registration process for AdCombo is quite simple. You just have to fill in all your real data in the registration process.

Once you fill out the form, you must wait for an AdCombo affiliate manager to contact you via Skype.

The affiliate manager will make a small chat interview and you will have to respond as you plan to promote their products. They are very friendly people so you shouldn’t be afraid!

Plus: Traffic Sources Info

So what kind of traffic works well with AdCombo’s own offers? This can be a very discussed and interesting point. Each affiliate can find a unique type of traffic to scale and make profitable.

But the truth is that perhaps one affiliate can work one type of traffic, and another does not. This is because each one is perfected in a specific type of traffic source.

The most common traffic to run the COD AdCombo offers are:


native ads

Native traffic is one of the most chosen to run this type of offers due to its compatibility and scalability. Most native advertising networks accept AdCombo prelandings. So you won’t have significant problems.

This type of traffic can be very cheap (from $ 0.005 per click). Some of the advertising networks are MGID, RevContent, OutBrain, or AdNow.

Push Notifications

This is a new source of traffic (well, relatively new), which begins to generate a trend. Push traffic is one that appears on mobile phones when you “accept” a web page or application.

You can take advantage of this type of traffic since it can be relatively cheap (from $ 0.005 per click on some GEOs).

Push-type networks are PropellerAds or RTX. Many of the companies that offer Native are now also offering Push Notifications.


More specifically, Facebook. To run the offers on Facebook Ads you must clean the Prelanding so that they comply with Facebook’s policies. You must have some experience so that they don’t suspend you.

What is Adcombo?

Adcombo is a CPA Network founded in 2013 based on a single affiliate marketing model. It is one of the largest affiliate networks and currently has its own offers and hundreds of publishers.

What are COD offers in Adcombo?

COD (Cash on Delivery) means that the customer pays the product at home (without credit card). In Adcombo COD offers, the affiliate receives the lead when the sale is confirmed.

Is Adcombo a reliable CPA Network?

Yes, Adcombo is a reliable network. In fact, it is one of the best CPA networks and always pays in terms.

How does Adcombo pay?

Adcombo pays twice a week with a minimum of $ 50. Payment methods are Payoneer, Paypal, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, and Wire.


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