One Simple Method Ends Tinnitus [Watch Video]

[Video Summary] – Discover the real root cause of tinnitus and how it affects the brain. After watching this video, you’ll soon be able to shut off that cringing sound that’s been ruining your life and feel completely normal again.

What is it about?

Ring Ease is an all in one herbal formulation in the form of a supplement being manufactured by the Life Now Naturals Company. It is formulated with essential substances that help reverse the damage brought by Tinnitus and relieves the symptoms that come with it.

The secret to its healing power all comes down to the combination of powerful medical components used to create it.

More information

Tinnitus is regarded as a symptom of a hidden ear injury or hearing loss. It may be associated with age or it can be a possible outcome of a circulatory system disorder. It is characterized by a constant, irritating, ringing, and annoying noise in the ear even when there is no significant sound in the environment.

Tinnitus is regarded to be a continuous irritation and discomfort to the victim. The non-stop noise leans to become a pain in the neck of the sufferer. The person or the victim of such kind of disease is socially cut off.

  • Subjective tinnitus is tinnitus that is only possible for you to hear. It is a common problem caused by some disorder prevailing in your outer, middle or inner ear. It can be a possible outcome of the auditory nerve damage. It could also result when the auditory pathways to the brain are interrupted and the brain can’t interpret sound or auditory signals clearly.
  • Objective tinnitus is tinnitus that your doctor can hear too, upon examination. This is a rare type of condition attributed to either a blood vessel problem or damage in the middle ear bone or muscle contractions.

The exact cause of tinnitus is still unknown. However, a number of health conditions can contribute to this disorder.

A common cause of tinnitus is the internal damage to the ear cells. The tiny, fragile hair present inside the inner ear move when the ear receives the sound waves. These hairs generate an electrical signal through the auditory nerve to your brain and the brain interprets these signals as sound waves. When these inner ear hairs are damaged, they generate weak, random, and broken signals which result into the failure of the brain to figure the sound exactly and the patient thus falls prey to the screaming monster inhabiting its ears.

Tinnitus more or less being an ear infection has something to do with inflammation in our nerve cells. Ring Ease works to aid this problem at a cellular level by repairing the nerve damage Tinnitus has caused within the ears and also in our brain. The components that this supplement is made of are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that help improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation, preventing free radicals from inhibiting and causing too damage to cells.

It is composed of the Vitamin B-12 that most of Tinnitus patients are deficient of, which helps in the nerve-repair process while nourishing the myelin sheath encasing the nerves. Symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and sleep irregularity are also relieved as it increases the production of Melatonin in the body that is associated with good mood.


Zinc supplementation is a commonly used natural treatment for Tinnitus as zinc deficiency is somewhat interrelated in most cases of Tinnitus. This is because our inner ear has the highest concentration of zinc within our body and needs sufficient amount of this substance in order to function well. According to a study, patients with Tinnitus had lower blood zinc levels and supplementing zinc into their diet was proven to be helpful in significantly reducing the symptoms of Tinnitus.


Clinical evidences of garlic being effective in reducing Tinnitus and hearing loss have been established. It is due to Garlic’s antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial useful to fight infections such as ear infection in Tinnitus. Garlic is also an anticoagulant having a blood thinning property, helpful in promoting good blood circulation and relieves Tinnitus commonly caused by poor blood flow.

Gingko biloba

This plant is known to be a natural remedy for Tinnitus. It has rich antioxidant properties and compounds like flavonoids that help improve the health of the inner ear by promoting increased blood flow through the micro capillaries. It is also an effective anticoagulant like garlic that reduces the stickiness of the blood.


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